Free Woodland Baby Shower Printable Don’t Say Baby Sign


How can you NOT talk about babies at a baby shower? Play this fun, interactive and challenging game that forces your guests to pay good attention to one another and to avoid the key word “Baby”.

Use this Woodland Don’t Say Baby game sign to instruct your guests to take a clothes pin the moment they walk into the door. Let each guest pin the pin onto their shirt and tell them that they aren’t allowed to say the word “Baby.”

If a guest hears another guest say the word baby then she gets to confiscate her pin. The winner is the guest with the greatest number of pins at the end of the shower.

This printable table sign is an instant download, so simply download and print the sign right from your computer in a matter of minutes. Frame the sign in a cute frame and you’ll create a wonderful Woodland Baby Shower activity.

*This download includes the following items:
• 1 PDF sized 8” x 10”


Download the Printable Here